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We have Integrated various Complementary and Alternative therapies in our Centre, we would like to give you short description about all the systems and therapies available with us which are Safe, Effective and holistic in their approach. A few of the therapies and treatments are new in India, or are less known, but are proving to be effective & are practiced in various other countries of the world. You are free to discuss and get more insights about these therapies with our Experts. An overview of different Therapies and Treatments available with us are as follows:


According to W.H.O. Homeopathy is second most used system of Medicine in the world. Homeopathy emerged from Germany, where Father of Homeopathy Dr. Samuel Hahnemann discovered and explained this method of treatment, which is based on principle of “Similia Similibus Curantur”, i.e, Likes cure likes. Homeopathy is a recognized system of Medicine in India, and is governed by Ministry of AYUSH. In Homeopathy, patients are enquired about their condition in brief to get the picture of patient as a whole, and then Medicine is administered on the basis of doctrine of minimum doses, which makes it Effective, Safe and free from Side effects. Homoeopathy is preferred mode of treatment in children and expecting Mothers due to its easy and safe usage and also popular for providing healing effects in advanced stages of Diseases as it addresses patient’s disease from its roots.


Naturopathy is effective and popular mode of treatment in India. On the basis of experiences and ancient texts, Naturopaths uses nearly every substance occurring in Nature, like herbs, minerals, animal products, etc. which proved to be Effective in various diseases. The knowledge of Ayurveda Medicine is based on Ancient texts and wisdom of Healers belonging predominantly to Indian subcontinent. There emerged various materials and methods in Naturopathy from Healers of all over the world, which helps in recovery from illnesses through Natural substances.

Bio Oxy- Ozone therapy

Bio Oxy-Ozone therapy is recent emerged complementary therapy in which regulated dose of medical grade Ozone is administered in Human body through various methods. It is seen that the super charged oxygen molecule combined with O2 i.e, Ozone (O3), when administered inside body, helps in balancing its energy requirements, resulting in fast recovery. It also helps in increasing Oxygen carrying capacity of RBCs in the blood. It is proving to be effective in Detoxification of Liver and other vital organs in the body. This therapy is popular in western countries, and some Asian countries like Malaysia. In India, Bio-Oxy Ozone therapy is slowly becoming popular for Anti-microbial treatments, Hepatitis, Chronic Fatigue syndrome, etc.

Bach Flower Therapy

Dr. Edward Bach (1886-1936) of London developed and explained Bach Flower therapy treatment in 1930s. Initially an Allopath, he studied and practiced Homoeopathy and later evolved this simple method of treatment for mind and life related troubles. He found 38 wild Flowers to be effective for nearly all kinds of mental troubles and Life Situations of Human beings. He evolved with various flower essences to be useful and treatment of various personalities. Bach flower therapy is providing satisfactory results all over world.

Diet & Nutrition Counseling

Dietetics and Nutrition plays important role in recovery as well as prevention of various diseases. In today’s world, Lifestyle diseases are spreading like an epidemic due to faulty eating habits and defective mode of living. With specialized individualized eating plan, one can get astonishing results during recovery from illnesses, and to get strengthened body.


In today’s polluted world, our bodies are filled up with various toxins, whether pollution from Air, Water, or faulty eating habits. These toxins are lodged in our body and cannot be expelled by our body on its own. These toxins provide potent soil for various diseases to occur. Through various Detoxification procedures, our body can be made free from toxins and can be rejuvenated.

Vastu Healing

From Ancient times, it is well known that the place where a human being stays for longer duration, eg. in House or in Office, etc. the environment and its energy affects their Health in many ways. Modern techniques helped in explaining the energy of place with respect to electromagnetic fields of Earth, various forces which are acting at the place, pressure, Natural Sunlight, etc. Vastu-Shastra is ancient architectural knowledge, which was used to construct various buildings, to keep all energy balances. It is observed that correct application of ancient knowledge of Vastu-Shastra at Home and at work place provides immense Health and other benefits.

E.F.T. Therapy

E.F.T. therapy or Emotional Freedom Technique is kind of Energy balancing therapy with the use of Tapping at various specialized points and speaking affirmations (positive thoughts) to remove dynamic blocks from energy channels present in the body. The basis of the energy fields or channels is similar to the Acupressure and Acupuncture techniques, which are well known healing methods today. E.F.T. is useful in removing mental blocks, balancing emotional disturbances, and also effective in Psychosomatic disorders.

Steroid Flushing

Steroid Flushing is useful in patients who received Steroid based Medications or Supplements in the past for improving their Health. Steroids are known to cause various long term side effects in the body. People, who received Steroids in the past, get affected even after their discontinuation. Steroid Flushing is done to minimize the side effects of Steroids in the body and helps in rejuvenation of the body.

De- Addiction therapy

De- Addiction therapy includes various therapies through which a patient can be encouraged to discontinue and avoid various addictions and substance abuse. Patients are given support, therapies as well as Counseling to avoid Addictive materials. Detoxification, Naturopathy, Homoeopathy and other procedures are done to remove toxins and to regain Health and Peace.

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We are incorporating various other Complementary and Alternative Healing therapies in our Centre and also conducting Seminars, Workshops and Awareness Programs for Medical professionals as well as for general public.

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Hemant Yadav

“Its like a dream came true to me”, Dr Nitin Gupta. You recovered me in a very different method. One of the adroit doctor that I’ve ever met.
Thank you so much Dr. Nitin!

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Rajesh Dutta

Loved the concept of Integrated Health care. I was looking for a Natural cure of my health and found it with Detoxification and Steroid Flushing. Thank You Dr. Nitin, Dr. Sonal and Dr. Priyank.

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